Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coachella Leaving Indio

Coachella Leaving Indio

The company that usually brings Coachella to Indio, California has released a statement today explaining that the town of Indio is imposing an $18 dollar per ticket tax increase for the 2014 festival.  After an extremely greedy tax by the town Golden Voice called the bluff and decided that Indio will no longer benefit from the wildly successful and highly profitable festival.

"Goldenvoice VP Skip Paige told [Indio City Councilman Sam] Torres in a text that the decision to move was a done deal. "You know were moving right? All this is a game. Why in the world would we stay where we are not wanted. LQ doesn't want us, Indio wants to take all our profits. Its a joke.
"We made the decision to move out of Indio the day we got our 2 year permit."

Golden voice stated that they already give 2.33 directly to the town of Indio for every ticket. It is estimated that the town of Indio benefits around 800,000 dollars each year from the festival being held in their town.

Where will the world renown festival go to now?!

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